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Taking Personal Responsibility - A Start Now Mission Statement
Planet Earth is in trouble. The evidence is everywhere and all but overwhelming. We care desperately for the future of life on earth, but we feel helpless in the face of corporate disregard for anything but profit and governmental disregard of all but corporate interests. The power, we feel, is out of our hands, and environmental disaster is seemingly inevitable. Hopelessness has become our worst enemy.  Start Now stands against hopelessness.(cont)
Local Food
Local food is wonderful for its own sake, and local food is a key to reversing global warming. Start Now talks about local food (and why not supermarket food), and Start Now grows food for the community. 
Start Now - So Far
Start Now was inspired by an extraordinary series of work going wrong followed by a powerful experience of rescue efforts going right. The wrong was so profound and the right was so spectacular, that the original purpose for the work fell to a distant second in importance, overwhelmed by the importance of the rescue work, and Start Now happened. (cont)
Start Now Gardens on Bloomington Avenue
Start Now raises food, and lots of it, right around the house at 1134 Bloomington Avenue.  This is urban agriculture at its most basic and a key to introducing a significant supply of local food in developed areas.  See our home gardens.  This website is also your reference for finding local food and connecting with the Kitsap local food movement.
Start Now Urban Farming School
The Start Now Urban Farming School will open in the Fall/Winter of 2009, teaching every aspect of urban farming, from garden bed siting and construction to marketing the harvest.  The program will include community outreach to build a food gardening presence across the city. Some student interns will live on the farm site, which will include at least three adjoining city properties, as well as commercial space for instruction, office, and community outreach.

Planet Earth … We Broke It …We Fix It … Start Now